Red Cross / Cruz Roja

The Akumal Comedy Festival Is Proud to support the Red Cross Mexico.

Through the strength of volunteers and the generosity of donors, the Red Cross in Mexico makes a difference

The Red Cross is an internationally recognized aid organization.  In every country across the globe, the iconic red cross on a white background has come to signify hope.  The Red Cross exists to provide first response medical assistance to those in need.

Akumal is located between two municipalities – Tulum and Playa del Carmen – and as such, often sees both municipalities providing medical services to the people of Akumal.  Covering an immense geographical region, and caring for a rapidly growing population, both Red Cross chapters provide emergency medical assistance free of charge, as well as ambulance and onsite medical emergency care to each municipality and region.

What makes the Red Cross in Mexico different, however, is that they do it completely without financial assistance from the government.  Each chapter is responsible for its own fundraising, and relies entirely on the generosity of donors and the dedication of their volunteers.  Without the Red Cross in Mexico, many who suffer life-threatening injuries would be deprived of any help.  The Red Cross in Tulum and Playa del Carmen are the first responders to accidents, medical emergencies, and disasters.  They operate without charge, offering life saving medical treatment to anyone who needs it, and are a lifeline to many of the poor local communities. 

Along with emergency response, the Red Cross promotes preventative medicine through community outreach programs, and by offering life saving workshops to adults and children.

To learn more about the Red Cross in the Riviera Maya, please watch the videos on this page. 

Red Cross – Tulum

A very large geographical area, the region of Tulum is home to approximately 50,000 inhabitants, many of them in rural areas with limited road access.  One of the goals in 2014 is to build a classroom for teaching emergency first response courses to hotel staff and local businesses.  A training pool for swimming instruction, a skill many locals do not possess, is also a project in the works for the Red Cross Tulum in 2014.  Being a small chapter, the Red Cross Tulum is hoping that the Akumal Comedy Festival will raise awareness of their needs.

Red Cross – Playa del Carmen

Serving a community of approximately 200,000 people, the Red Cross in Playa del Carmen recently relocated to a brand new facility, all made possible by the generous donations of local businesses, fundraising initiatives, and individuals like you.  They still need assistance with equipping the building with the medical instruments they need to be truly effective, but this video shows what is possible with your assistance.

The 2014 Akumal Comedy Festival proudly supports the Red Cross in Tulum and Playa del Carmen, with all net profits from this year's shows going directly to these organizations. Every member of the Akumal Comedy Festival team donates their time, allowing 100% of the profits generated by the Akumal Comedy Festival to go directly to helping the Red Cross in Tulum and Playa del Carmen.

Please click here to buy tickets, or to donate to the Red Cross.

Thank you for your support